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Online cron jobs


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Online cron jobs are performed by different service providers. Tasks such as sending emails and putting new information on websites at specific times are handled online without the knowledge of development.

A cron job refers to scheduled tasks which need to be performed at set intervals in other to automate repetitive tasks or events by running certain scripts at the set intervals.

The cron job is made up of three major components namely the script to be executed, the command that executes the script at the set intervals and the output of the script which is often dependent on the task to be performed.

cron jobs is a time-based job scheduler in Linux systems.
A working knowledge of Linux commands is required to use cron jobs effectively, with cron-online you don’t need a knowledge of commands in Linux, there is normal user and developer mode to configure cron jobs.
Cron jobs can be set to run by minute, hour, day, week, or month or any combination of these and it need to be inserted only one time and with cron-online it will keep running forever.

A wide variety of functions can be performed using cron jobs.

Cron jobs can be used in sending emails and updating servers. In most times however, cron jobs are used to modifying files and databases.

This requires setting the exact time the command needs to run and stating the command that is to be run which is supposed to be any command able to run on the Linux terminal. makes it very easy to execute tasks as options of customizing HTTP methods (e.g GET, POST, PATCH etc. ), customizing HTTP headers and keeping separate failure logs for failed tasks are provided .

Example of service that provide cron jobs, cron-online , cronmaker and many more.

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